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Cemetery Commission

Our cemetery was established in the early years following the founding of the Three Bridges Reformed Church in 1874. It has continued to be a final resting place for members of church families and those associated with the church.

The cemetery committee of the church is charged with the responsibility for oversight, maintenance and administration of finances for the operation of the cemetery.

Because space in the burial grounds is limited, the committee has established a policy that grave sales will be limited to our church family. Accordingly, those eligible are church members and spouses, parents, grandparents, parents-in-law, or children of church members, or those individuals who are currently affiliates of the church or those who have been active for many years during their lives in church attendance, financial support and support of church activities and who would generally be recognized and considered as a part of this church congregation.

Thus, grave sales are available in single units to those noted above. Prices are adjusted from time to time depending on the need for funds to meet current maintenance expenses as well as funding future needs. Current cemetery charges are: $700, for a grave plot purchase, $1,000 for a grave opening, (grave opening on Sunday is $1,200), and cremains burial is $200 (if done by cemetery committee member), or $100 if family buries own. (Current as of May, 2012)

In order to maintain funds to care for the property in the future, 50% of all grave sale receipts are retained in a perpetual care trust fund. Should anyone care to donate to this trust fund they may do so by sending their contribution of the Three Bridges Reformed Church Cemetery, P.O. Box 235, Three Bridges, NJ 08887. In order to ensure a neat appearance in the cemetery, a few rules are required. The more pertinent ones are as follows:

* No trees or shrubs may be planted without the approval of the cemetery committee. This avoids root damage to marker footings and burial vaults.
* New headstones or memorial markers are limited to a height of 54 inches and must be so positioned as to leave no less than 6 inches from each side of the specific grave plot. The committee at all times reserves the right to require approval from the committee for any specific marker or memorial.
* Installation of any memorial which is not the type common to the existing cemetery may only be installed upon approval of the committee.
* Seasonal flowers and any decorations must be placed not to extend further than 12 inches from the grave markers, excepting grave blankets, which may be larger.
* Decorations which have deteriorated or are unsightly will be removed at anytime by our maintenance personnel.
* Any decoration, which in the opinion of the committee, is not in keeping with the sanctity of the area will be removed immediately.
* The committee reserves the right to limit the number of items placed at any single grave to two.
* In most cases decoration (other than living plants) will be removed within 30 days.
* Seasonal decorations such as grave blankets are permitted. All such decorations may be removed by maintenance personnel 30 days after the holidays (such as Christmas and Easter) or sooner if they have deteriorated.
* No permanent decorations other than traditional memorials are permitted.

Anyone wishing to comment or obtain information regarding the cemetery may contact the Three Bridges Reformed Church at 908-788-3022 at which time they will be referred to the appropriate committee member.