Sunday Worship Schedule

Adult Sunday School      9:00AM
Family Worship             10:15AM
Sunday School              10:30AM
    Children leave church
    after Children's Word.






Church Life

TEN is the Spiritual Growth Campaign for our family of faith. 
 It is divided into five segments and lasts for 10 weeks,


  •            Reading the Bible For 10 minutes a day
  •            Praying For 10 minutes a day
  •            Stewardship Returning the first 10% of everything to God
  •            Small Groups Spending God-centered time with 10 of our Brothers and Sisters
  •            Evangelism Tenaciously sharing our faith with the world

Being a person of faith is so much more than simply saying, ‘I believe’. It is allowing the Spirit of God into your life so deeply that you are transformed, and through that transformation we are able to share the light of Christ with the world!  The first four segments of ‘10’ are spiritual disciplines that remind us we are not our own and that all we have is a blessing from the Lord. The last segment reminds us that as we learn about God it is meant to be shared with the world around us. As scripture teaches, all of these steps are done with the support of other members of the family of faith (aka: you’re not doing it alone!).

I realize that these quick bullet points do little more than tease you in regard to ‘how’ these various segments will be enacted. In the same breath, I pray that ‘what’ you now know encourages you to embrace something new as together we seek to grow in our faith.

Jesus came that we might live life to the full. Let us take the steps that we should in order to dwell in the reality of that blessing!