Founded in 1873, Three Bridges Reformed Church has been serving its community and the world in the name of Jesus since its inception.  We believe that we are called by God, and empowered by His Spirit, to be the light and love of Jesus to all those whom we meet.  We don’t have all the answers: and we know that we worship a God who loves and leads, even when we don’t.  Sound intriguing?  Come and discover and see how God may be whispering to you! 

Meet Our Staff

Rev. Ryan Nace

Married to his wife Jennifer since 2004, Ryan has served Three Bridges since 2010.  He has three children: Amanda (who married Eric Danner in 2013), Jim (who is off on his own and working hard), and Austin (who attends ‘college’…at Hunterdon Central Regional High School).    


Hyewoon 'Kate' Lim

Originally from South Korea, Kate has been trained as a classical pianist. She came to TBRC in 2009 as a keyboardist and became the church music director in 2014, directing all aspects of music in the church. Kate married Joseph Kim in 2019, together leading the contemporary worship at TBRC.

Director of Music Ministries

Roxanne Alpaugh

Roxanne has been married to her very best friend and significant other, Bruce, since 1977. She has five grown children and ten grandchildren (who are scattered all over the country). She loves working for the Three Bridges Church family and has done so since 2007.

Church Secretary

Stephanie Baggaley

Stephanie Baggaley serves as custodian of the building.


Joseph Kim

A student at Western Theological Seminary, Joseph is also a Chaplain Candidate in the Air Force since January 2019. He is happily married to Hyewoon Lim, and has been a member of TBRC since 2018. He is responsible for TBRC's online church presence and its outreach through various social media platforms. 

Seminarian/Director of Media Outreach

Rob Benton

Rob Benton serves as our Financial Secretary.

Financial Secretary

Susan Zehner

Susan found Three Bridges in 1996 when she was looking for a preschool, moved away in 2000, and rejoined the church in 2003! She has 2 daughters. Susan teaches beginner chimes to children and adults. Participating in Bell choir, Vocal choir, along with Fellowship, and S&F keeps her busy.



Missions has always been, and will continue to be, one of the many ways that we live out our faith. In January of 2019, we sent a team to help rebuild homes and churches in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. Through small and large teams, we are working to meet the needs of our community, the nation, and the world in whatever ways possible.