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Church Cemetery

The map below is a full list of all plots on the cemetery grounds. It does not reflect current availability, nor the location of plots that are occupied. If you have any questions, including location requests for an occupied plot, or would like to inquire of availability, please click the contact button below to reach out to our church cemetery commission.


Main Cemetery

Plots #9 - #118 contain 5 separate grave plots each, with the exception of #89 - #98 with 4 plots each

Plots #1 - #8, #89 - #98, #119 and #120 contain 4 separate grave plots each

Plots #121 - #232 contain 3 separate grave plots each

All others as noted in the map above

This image is not to scale

Church Cemetery.png

Cremations Garden Section
All garden plots are numbered with a designation of CM preceding the plot number (Ex: CM4)

Center Cross plot area is not currently available for use

This image is not to scale

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