One of our core values is reaching out to those who are in need. We believe that as believers of Jesus Christ, and people who are called to live out Christ's calling in our lives, we see seek out opportunities to love and care for those who are need. Because it is through our love that the world can see and know the love of our Savior.

A Post Quarantine Vision
A Time of Opportunity:

During the Pandemic, we closed our Preschool after almost 50 years.  We needed to grieve the loss and yet we realized it opened for us a time of opportunity.  As a church, we read the book “The Post Quarantine Church” by Thom S. Rainer and realized that we now had new opportunities to love and serve the community from our church that were not possible before and we decided to embark on a process of vision and discernment while embracing spiritual Hope.

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Community Garden

Have you always wanted to grow your own flowers, fruits, vegetables and herbs? Here is your opportunity. During the spring months, any interested gardeners (kids and adults) are welcome to participate. Expert gardeners will be on-site to share their knowledge and help you learn to grow fresh produce. Participation is free, the only cost is your labor to make it fruitful. Come learn how to build a garden and grow vegetables/herbs. Harvest anytime and enjoy your produce. No experience necessary. We appreciate any gardening tools, seeds fencing, poles, soil, hose donations.

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What is Outreach?

We are a church where mission work is at our core. Here is a list of some of the ministries we are passionate about.

Feed the Hungry
We are an assistant church to the Samaritan Homeless Interim Program providing meals for those who are food insecure in Somerville.
House People in Need
We are a host church with Family Promise of Hunterdon County
Help Those Affected by Disasters
Our church has many Hope Force International Trained Reservists
Spread the Word of the Lord
We help support missionaries in Africa, Haiti and the USA, while also working very closely to support a rural village in Haiti.
Help Those at Home
We have developed equipment and a team to serve in a very practical way in our local neighborhoods.
A Life of Care
Deacons who quietly work by loving their family and neighbors.