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A Post Quarantine Vision

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The plan was to bring together a small group of people to consider what the needs were in the community that we serve and how we can help. This process began during the pandemic, in embracing dual in-person and an online virtual presence, and continuing into re-imagining our future – not just for a season. Below are some of the opportunities being developed, in consideration, and currently available today.

To learn more about any of these possible service opportunities and resources,

please don't hesitate to contact us. 

Resources &



Disaster Response

Expanding on our current collaboration with Hope Force, we are looking into adding a shower, washer and dryer to our facilities.  We are even considering a generator to provide power for those without.


Childcare for Working Parents

The cost of care for school age children is terrifying to working families of modest income.  We are planning a small pilot study of running a relaxed fun day at the church with minimal cost for challenged families.


Mom and Me Playground

Many families with small children now live in Three Bridges. We would love to hear from you how we can provide more opportunities for your kids to play and parents to meet, using our church resources.


Family Promise

We support Readington Reformed AND host Family Promise of Hunterdon County. Family Promise provides interim housing, meals, job searches, house searching, and more, to women and homeless families.


Soul Soup

We seem very called to make hearty healthy soups!  Not only as a social activity, but also as a way to send those in need, who are stressed, an may be in need of a warm and healthy bowl of love and care.



We are now a host site for Hunterdon Senior Center and run excercise classes.


Come and enjoy our periodic Senior Luncheons.


Feeding the Hungry

We are a support church to the Samaritan Homeless Interim program in Somerville. We prepare lunches on the 5th Wednesdays of a month.


Mission Trips

In recent years we have gone to St Thomas in the Virgin Islands, West Virginia, North Carolina, and Noxen PA.  This summer we will be sending a youth mission team, chaperoned by adults, to West Virginia.

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